Brandon was raised on a small goat farm about sixty kilometers west of the famous Cuban city, Ciego de Avila.  Best known for it’s walnut farms, Ciego de Avila is also the home of Oswardo Almandeto, known by many as the world’s greatest trophy bass fisherman.  Brandon left the farm at the young age of fourteen, spearheading a three-person mission in his newfound passion of Crypto zoology, the study of hidden animals.  He spent the next several years exploring the darker side of the human brain.  He eventually found his calling in the entertainment business in Los Angeles.  Although Brandon’s legally not supposed to be in the Country, he’s also legally not allowed to leave the state of California.  He now resides in Marina del Rey, but more than 100 yards away from schools and playgrounds.



Steve was born in the nether regions of Mongolia, to the daughter of a sharecropper’s father. After spending his formative years in an REO Speedwagon cover band, Steve migrated to Los Angeles looking for fortune and fame. Finding neither, he developed a lisp, and an unhealthy obsession with plastic surgery. Currently, Steve spends his time underneath the 10 freeway, writing poetry and selling produce from the trunk of his ’72 Chrysler.



Michael spent most of his youth in a Filipino prison for using the wrong spoon to carve a grapefruit. He escaped, and made his way to Los Angeles by ferret. Michael then studied International Film Production at the University of Phoenix with a minor in Intercontinental Prostitution. He now performs stand up comedy for fetuses, and sometimes, pregnant mothers. Michael does not accept fruit baskets from fans, due to a severe shellfish allergy.